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I was born in Brazil-São Paulo in 1966, and I reside in the United Kingdom since 1990. I have over 30 years of all-around experiences in many high profile business projects, national and international, including the opening of Starbucks in Europe and as a Marketing Manager at American Express/Brazil. I organised and managed several catering functions and events at the Kensington Palace (the royal residence/London) and its Orangery Restaurant in addition to many other historical places in the UK including; The British Museum, The National Opera House, The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum. All events involved VIPs including members of the royal family and A-list celebrities clients and customers.  I have also managed the Skylight Cafe project at Crisis UK, one of the top national community-charities / social enterprise model in the UK. The Skylight Crisis' projects provide employability training programmes for young homeless and ex-offenders all over the UK. 


Moreover, I have organised special charity events, including donations of food and toys to many orphanages in Brazil. I have worked as a children entertainer in my own business, Brazil and London, where I created specialised workshops to support children's social and personal development. I have also written a few children's plays, including "Dream", performed at the Barbican Centre Library, Great Ormond Street Children's hospital and the Unicorn Theater group amongst many schools and locations around London. 


To sum it up, I have trained thousands (over 5000) of people, including senior management all over the UK and Brazil. This process introduced me to the art of dealing, understanding and learning from large groups, including people of diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and ages. 

I believe it is fair to say at this point in my life that I have dedicated many years,  not only working very hard, self-studying and applying my experiences and knowledge to also develop myself. 

Although today I am a graduated Psychologist, I still feel there are a lot to be done. It is an arduous process just to keep up with all the new theories and research in this field, and I cannot see myself stopping at any time soon. 

I am currently finalising my first book about my DNA programme and developing my project within my Human Developmental Consultancy organisation. 


My goal is to share my many professional and personal life experiences (national and international) to help people to maximise their uniqueness. I started my consultancy services and the Interface Schema© programme to provide support in this process.

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