Because we are all different people, we all developed our unique ways of being; we create different needs and perspectives of what it is necessary to change and to adapt to new opportunities.

We all grow into a labyrinth of stereotypes, beliefs and preconceptions that limit us to achieve our real potential, and what we can do to become valid members of the society.  


It is crucial though that you accept the fact that to transform this conditional states you must be open to new perspectives and be willing to trust my observations and bits of advice and act accordingly.


However, no matter what your “beginning” is, I will offer concrete, detailed suggestions for how to proceed with your intentioned project, and specific solutions for how to deal with any dilemmas you might be facing. I will always respect that you are the author of your story; consecutively you must drive the narration of the experience you wish to have. You may even have a sense/intuition already that something is “not right” in the creation/operation of your lifestyle, professional advancement or family/social contexts, but be assured I will never dismiss it. I will use your instincts and mine to support you to figure out three vital points, 

1-D) What that is that creates your life-dynamics, intentions and actions and how you know when/how to apply specific actions and when not.

2-N) When "not to fix" something that is not broken but know the time to change that natural process of acting or being whom you learnt to be.

3-A) How to make valid, honest and positive assessments throughout the experiences of the dynamics (actions, decisions and reactions) of being who you are in the present conditional state that you find yourself.

That is where I, as a Human Developmental Consultant comes in. I am the outside observer/reader that can not only identify the challenges but also work with you to make it a possibility for you to start applying/changing your dynamics into the creation of new and positive opportunities.