It is important to say that, what constitutes the beginning and or the framework of a project may vary from person to person, and it includes which direction you kickoff; idea-intention or intention-idea, you will understand the difference once we start working.


One person/business "simple project" may be an idea that needs to be transformed into a research project and then into an action plan. It could entail working together to develop a research design first to initially help you to learn about the real needs and challenges involving into the manifestation of your objective.

We may need to identify relevant pieces of literature, write up your or your business Curriculum Vitae (Latin, literally: the course of one's life/experiences/skills), and so forth, to understand your own, real Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis).

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Read about the SWOT theoretical analyses research published by

The Journal of International Social Research in 2017

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