You may already have some support in your personal, professional/business development journey. Perhaps you have a friend or a group of friends, a guru, a therapist, coach or mentor who may assist or inspire you on a specific life-adventure.  


All these resources are significant indeed, but none of them can fill the role that my programme can offer you, and I am always prepared to work together with your support group to maximise your opportunities to succeed. Although, it is imperative to understand that in many cases these “supports” are not equipped with the necessary professional expertise and or experience that I possess.


As an HDC (Human Developmental Consultant) my single focus is the project that I am working with you. I give you consistent, systematic feedback that addresses the issues we identify together.


By studying the psychologies of human development and by working as a Consultant and Mentor for many years I accumulated

over 30 years of experience in this field. I can work with you throughout the evolution of your ideas, preparing you for the challenges and changes ahead by supporting you through the adaptation of the new condition you aim.

I provide a holistic assessment of your project/intentions – taking all the various aspects of your life-work into consideration, including your unique skills, while also working with you through specific points that are giving you trouble. Together, you and I will be able to separate emotional states from "E"-motion states (you will learn more about the difference).


I see any project as a football game; You and or the team objective is to win the match, each member of the team (including you) have their responsibility but the main aim is to score goals throughout the time of that match. These goals are the steps to get you (and your team) closer to winning the game, therefore putting you closer to achieve your objective; wither to become a winner or a vital participant of that game. I will help you to see the differences between aim, goals and objectives and how to positively navigate through them