How can you prepare yourself for this New Adventure/Journey?

I send each potential client an initial questionnaire to understand their “project” (the idea, thought or intention they want to manifest). I want to initially assess how they communicate and how they present their skills and themselves on paper, it is not a test but an exercise for me to learn the best way to talk and be direct/honest about how I can help you.


It is also essential that you review the questions below to understand the type of approach HDC will have about your project and personal/business development.


What stage in life are you at, and what stage do you want to reach? Are you prepared to invest the work and time needed?


Given the constraints of time and budget in our real day-to-day life, as well as personal preferences, beliefs and own limitation, you may want me to work on particular tasks, and we may decide to take small steps. I will design gradual strategies and focus on your needs and condition (including financial) to support you through your project development, but it is up to you to do your homework.


For example; I recently worked with a client, who I initially felt was not ready to engage in the work needed to achieve their initial objective. The client agreed with my feedback and changed the initial project plans; we decided that the main problem be the lack of understanding and communicating the English Language. The client decided to focus on this specific point, and due to my professional expertise in training and my TEFL teacher accreditation, I designed a nine-month course to facilitate the proficiency of the client's English language. Although I have offered almost no charges to the English course, the client carry on avoiding all the work I created and dismissed virtually all the material, missed several classes and later complained about the class costs (special deal - £120 per month, for 90 minutes/2x per week classes) and the time necessary to study and complete the homework.

The client gave up by justifying that it was too much work, time and an expensive project. Now, after nine months the client still speak nothing of English and have not done anything about the initial objective. 



What are your real intentions? 


It would help if you always were considering this whether you work with a business, coach, therapist and or a mentor, it will make things much more accessible to both, you and the professional working with you. Different professionals, of course, have different style requirements, but personal, professional /business and social development outlets also tend to gravitate towards different and specific subject areas; methodologies, literature/culture and other legal and social procedures and or challenges to be taken in consideration.


Structuring your project will require a clear perspective of the intention of what you want to achieve and the level of your expectation – and a lot of commitment to apply the work/time that is necessary to manifest it – it will save you a lot of work, time and money in the long run.


A good mentor/consultant will take a quick look at the recent condition his client is leaving in to have a sense of what would be necessary for the project to succeed, and then be honest with the client about what it will take to accomplish it. However, it is the client who must understand that it is his commitment, intention, discipline and dedication that will make the work a success.


I will always, and I have the experience to help you through these challenges, but it is my job not to do the clients' homework for them but direct and show the way through.



What do you think is the trouble with your project /plan /idea /intention as it stands now? 

What are the actions that "you" do not take?

What are the challenges to change troubles into opportunities?


You must be prepared to let me know what you consider to be the red flags, or how you set your trouble alarm. That way, I can keep an eye out for them or assure you that what you believe to be an issue is not. Be explicit, honest and transparent about your feelings and emotions, and I will work them with you.


For instance; you might be looking to change your career path to a position/profession that presents multiple commitments, tasks, academic awards, training and etcetera, and you know that requires a change of your actions/thinking. However, you may not be emotionally prepared and need help with this work to adjust to that condition.


Are you ready to communicate and accept this, and tell me when it becomes a challenge? Would you be willing to disclose any personal difficulties (e.g. learn disabilities, mental health) issues and or other problems/challenges that may affect your development processes?


I for once never elaborate, prejudge, stereotype and or apply preconceptions in my meetings, and as a result, I always assume we are all capable of doing what we want to accomplish. Therefore I spend much of my time “focusing” on how to get there and less in arguments about why I cannot. If you are aware of your weaknesses (and we all have them), you must be willing to accept them. I will help you to see through it and understand that nothing is impossible. It will save everybody time, and it will help us to focus on specific points that are essential for your success; the experience will add to your personal growth journey, and it will accelerate your progress towards the results you seek.


My consultancy methodology is not just for people who feel “stuck.” Indeed, I work with clients who are more productive, creative, fast, ambitious than others but we all need a push from now and then. No matter what your level of productivity or ability is I can aid your improvement to focus, dynamic, the natural state of being, assessment skills and increase your efficiency in your day-to-day life.