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Personal & Professional Mentoring

These are one to one sessions to support you to develop your life's strategies, including short, medium and long term personal objectives, career development, job searches, interview skills and communication.



Support to help your business improving opportunities, including business operations, marketing (website design and promotional material), branding, organisational and financial structures,

training & development and human resources.


Workshops and Lectures

Personal, professional and social development programmes, including management and leadership training, customer service, sales, finance, team development, the Dynamic Natural Assessment programme and much more.

All is tailor-made to your personal and or business requirement.


Alex Cenem's

This work has started in 2006 and it has over 15 years of research and studies. The DNA programme is a new vision on Human Development which works with the Dynamics of life, the Natural states of the mind and body, and the art of concluding great strategies and Assessments of our actions and E-Motions.

Combining different Psychologies approaches, Neuroscience, Physics, Chemistry, Management strategies, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, the programme was designed to review what we think we know and what we ought to know as active members of our social new world and explore the possibilities in human evolution. 


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