Personal & Professional Development


"Learning to change is the first step for creating opportunities."

Alex Cenem

Learn to understand the flow of the Dynamics of life and its effect on your present awareness—the three energies; positive, neutral and negative.

Work the influences 

of the energies accordingly, improve awareness of "your" Natural-Being

and the three states;

sensing, thinking and manifesting.

Create the habit of operating Assessments of the energies that you experience. Develop adaptability to necessary changes and learn to understand opportunities.




We will clarify and design short, medium and long-term goals with strategic actions.

Moreover, you will learn the difference between Objectives, Goals and Aims and how to work its dynamics. 

The projects (Objectives & Goals) will be aimed to support your growth processes throughout the necessary changes you are seeking today.


We will be working the connection between the processes above, and its link to the dynamics of the six main areas of animation (an act or instance of enlivening), including; 


  1. Personal Well-Being/Awareness

  2. Personal Growth/Development

  3. Relationships

  4. Health & Fitness

  5. Environment

  6. Social Contribution.


We will work the power of your intentions to produce consistency and a real routine towards your chosen aims for each of these six areas.



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