Personal & Professional development

In these sessions, we will discuss and focus on your purpose or attitude toward the effect of your

actions/conduct, life-objectives and professional development intentions.


I am trained and proficient in providing extra support for each person's need, including

Curriculum designs, Career planning, Employment contracts & Human Resources, Learning & Development, Recruitment and Interviews Advices.


I am a graduated child Psychologist with focus on developmental psychology, and I have also studied NLP, CBT, life-coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and psychosynthesis. 

and working on publishing my first book at the end of the year, the Dynamic Natural Assessment programme©2006.


It is the development of new perspectives on human potential and professional advice/support. 

The aim is to assist new groundbreaking ideas and perspectives to become a more efficient supportive input, that can make a real difference in the communities and societies of the modern world. 

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Business development

We will discuss and focus on the purpose of your business, the attitude toward the effect of its operations and its internal and external conduct. Evaluate the current business activities and design short, medium and long-term Goals and Objectives, for the company and its employees. 


I am also adept and proficient to provide support in the following areas;

Business operation & structure development

Business. marketing & action plans

Budgets & financial management

Staff training - from junior to senior members 

Creation of promotional material, including;

Website designs and maintenance support

Brand creation & re-branding

Promotional videos


Presentations for meetings, lectures and others

Business Meeting


Supporting human development

I have been training and working on developing people'skills and opportunities for over 30 years, with multi experiences in different industries, fields and roles, including in Brazil and the UK. 

To sum up, I have trained thousands of people including senior management all over the UK and Brazil and managed large groups and projects which included people of diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and ages. 


I am very Skilled, Experienced and Versatile professional able to design, create, present and manage any training and or workshop event to support personal, professional and social development, both, in a business environment and personal-small venues/groups.







I also administer, manage and make available training and workshops for 

the Dynamic Natural Assessment programme©2006


the Interface Schema programme©2018


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Expanding & Sharing

opportunities and information

I provide Lectures to discuss and or promote topics in the areas of

Personal, Professional and Social Development.

 I also give lectures about my studies in subjects involving my DNA programme.






the Dynamic Natural Assessment programme©2006


  • Dynamics - The energies, the creation/maintenance/dissolution of thoughts and actions. 

  • The Natural states of experience, how we individually experience being in the present space and time (self-awareness - interaction- other perception).

  • The skills of making accurate Assessments of the blocks associated with the Dynamics of life and the Natural states of being in the present (management/strategy/discipline).












the Interface Schema programme©2018


The interface programme base its aims on the active action of the group, therefore topics related to this programme may include,


Interface - alliance, bond, coherence, combination, collaboration, communication, connection, integration, liaison, meld, merge, and neutral ground.


Schema - designing, arranging or composing. Creating an idea, framework, method, an order of managing actions, intentions, a course of operations, theories or projects.