Personal, Professional/Business and Social Development
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
not the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” 
― Charles Darwin

Human development is the improvement of one's adaptability to changes in life. It is the understanding of the experience lived and learned and is the aim to adjust new information for the betterment of oneself's behaviour.


I designed the concept of the Human Developmental Consultancy as a new evolutionary method.

The aim is to boost the professional practice that gives advice in consulting human behaviour advancement.

I address each project as a journey of individual improvement, moreover, any project can be applied to any condition of the three main areas of life; personal, professional/business and social.


I will teach you how to acquire emotional intelligence from your experiences.

 I will show you the ways in which you can use your experiences to improve

your potential to generate positive opportunities. 


I will guide you beyond the operations of a series of actions; we will work together using our combined and unique expertise and my many years of studying the complex human development courses. I will assist you to understand the "Dynamic-Natural-Assessment" processes, and together we will optimise your opportunities to progress in developing what you aspire to create, as well as the skills of adaptability to change into a new improved you.




Since 2006 I have been juggling work, studies and personal challenges to develop my methodology about human development, which I call today; The Dynamic Natural Assessment programme©2006​, or for short, the DNA programme.


I graduated in developmental/child psychology in 2019, and I like to believe I had an exciting and well-round professional experience that adds up to over 35 years in managing businesses and people from different cultures, ages and ethnicities, both in Brazil and in the UK. 


I have always been passionate about understanding why people think and do what they do. I started my journey in learning about human development when I was very young by asking lots of questions and by being significantly opened about my feelings and emotions. I read a lot about different perspectives, and most importantly; I paid attention to my thinking and attitudes and took into consideration the consequences created by my actions and choices.


I believe that because of this attraction to understand human development, I unconsciously engaged in jobs, in one way or another, that covered the full spectrum of experiences; in working and dealing with young children to adults suffering from mental health and or substance abuse.

I have learnt from people from different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities, met and worked with celebrities and royalties, and taught and trained people for over 30 years. 


After much arduous personal work trying to develop myself to become a reasonable good individual within our communities, as well as a good professional; I decided, at my late 40s, to start over and become a psychologist, one of my most challengeable periods.


Now reaching my middle 50s I think I am ready to share my experiences and set up a different type of consultancy, a progressive approach that will focus on developing the art of how one uses the mind and the soul.


I hope to be able to contribute to the development journey of people who, like me, wish to do their best in life and create a harmonious community. I wish to provide support and help to those who are interested in making a unique difference in this modern societies.




Anita Daspett 

I know Alex for over 35 years now, in one of his visits to Brazil I invited him to give a lecture in personal and professional development to the public school I work for,  students aged between 15 and 20. The impact was incredible, and due to it, we are now developing a long distance support programme for these young adults.  Alex dedication and approach to personal, professional and social development is surprisingly educational.  I believe his DNA programme can be of crucial importance for the support and personal growth of any young people, especially at this critical time for our social development.

Amanda Cipullo 

I was an undergraduate student when I started working with Alex and his DNA programme. He helped me to ground myself and create a structure which made me more efficient towards reaching my goals. He also provided consultancy to my business project by helping me to create a business plan and overview the actions I needed to focus and take, his support has been priceless as I had minimal business experience. Our meetings were via Skype, and although he is based in London, he was always available when I needed help.

Alex is a motivator by nature and an amazing person to work with. I would recommend a meeting with him even if you are not sure of what you need; you would be surprised by how much help he can provide you.