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Alex Cenem

Online Courses Creation / Alex Cenem

I can design and create courses online. I will set up all course content online, including marketplace and self-posting.

Online education - Courses Creation / Alex Cenem

I can teach and train online, over the phone and using social media platforms. I can design and present courses to fit your needs and prepare you to teach online.

Social media management / Alex Cenem

I can set up your social media accounts, build a diary to organise their contents and help you to keep up with the posts and acquire followers. I also provide training in this field.

Video design and editing for social media by Alex Cenem

Designing, creating & editing tailor-made videos & advertisements for your social media posts and channels.

Video editing management by  Alex Cenem

Do you have a lot of videos taking space on your recording devices? Do you want to create one great production with them together? Or perhaps you want to make a video/film production with party videos/photos? I can do that for you!

Logos and branding design by Alex Cenem

I can design & brand your business and or social media material.

Website design with Alex Cenem

Website design, Website development, Website redevelopment and Website management. I use Wix and X-Editor platforms. I am currently developing my HTML programming-coding skills and other animation designs programmes.

Business, lectures and college presentation by Alex Cenem

I can design and create presentations for business, lectures and college-university projects. Moreover, I can help you with your presentation skills (train you). I use different platforms to suit you.

Training programmes / Alex Cenem

I can create, design, and present various training programmes, workshops and courses. I will set up all content preparation and manuals. I can also organise venues and manage all operational sides of training programmes.

Typing & writing documents - Alex Cenem

I can Copywrite, create marketing content, write essays and documents and make spell/grammar-check.

Business plan production with Alex Cenem

I can help you and your team develop/create a business, marketing and action plans that will give you directions and focus on where to go with your business. I can also train in this procedure.

Financial planning with Alex Cenem

I can help you, and your organisation manage your finances, including the production of invoices & the creation of spreadsheets or using specific platforms to organise your personal and business accounts. I can also provide training in these procedures.

Project management with Alex Cenem

With over 30 years of experience managing international projects, I can help you, and your team develop strategies and action plans. I can also train your team and support the management of your project.

Market & budget management with Alex Cenem

I can help you produce business market and budget analysis with graphics and create great presentations for your meetings. I can also train your team in this field.

Business consultation with Alex Cenem

With over 30 years of experience running international businesses and events in the UK and Brazil in various sectors, I can provide consultation to support the development of your organisation and your team. Moreover, I offer training programmes to help this process.

Personal, Professional & Social Mentoring - Consultation with Alex Cenem

I can provide mentoring programmes to support self-development awareness, personal transformation and adaptation, professional career discovery and opportunity prospects, and social integration.

Career development and professional support consultancy with Alex Cenem

Providing consultation for the development of your CV, interview skills, job search and career progression support.

General tutoring & TEFL - Teaching English as Foreign Language  with Alex Cenem

I teach English and Portuguese as a foreign language using different methods, including my own neuropsychology learning programme. I can also teach children and young adults basic curriculum subjects, including maths, languages, sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), & IT communications.

Children workshops by Alex Cenem

With over 15 years (UK and Brazil) designing & managing workshops for children, and as a graduated child psychologist, I can create entertaining development and functional skills workshops for your children. Why don't you make a party for your children with educational fun? Let's talk about the themes, and I will design the best activities to suit your children and their guests.

Computer Skills and Foreign Languages for the Third-Age with Alex Cenem

Are you over 65 years old? I can help you get up-to-date with computer skills and learning a foreign languages (Portuguese, English). I also provide essential computer technical support.

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